When you need to service or repair your  IT equipment you no longer have to stress about
  • organising time off  work to service or repair your  IT equipment
  • the inconvenience of disconnecting your computing equipment , putting it in the car
      and travelling to a repair shop
  • waiting  for your  computing equipment to be fixed
  • being told you will need to come back when it is repaired ( sometimes can take several weeks until repair is performed )
  • once the repairs are done, arrange to pick up your IT equipment and again take time off work
  • when you return home you have the headache of reconnecting the equipment.
 We perform all the work at the comfort of your own home / premises!!
If  the need arises , Andri IT will organise to repair / upgrade equipment off site and return it back to you, reconnect all equipment and fully test it for optimal operation before we finalise all works.
Installation,Service and Repairs
  • Computers, laptops, printers, monitors
  • wired networks, wireless networks,
  • digital devices
  • general IT equipment
  • Anti-virus - protection from identity theft, data loss, computer program failures
  • Parental Blocker - protecting children from the dangers of the internet
  • Backup - preventing accidental loss of your precious family photos and data.
  • Networking - connecting and enabling internet access and file / print sharing
Additional Services
  • Virus removal and inaccessible data extraction
  • After hours support - by appointment only or in emergency situations.
  • Training
  • Advisory Service - recommending the optimal solution based on your needs.
  • Many more services available - please contact us for more information.
Assisting Other IT Service Providers
  • Andri IT is aware that there are times in the year that many IT service providers get so busy that meeting deadlines can be compromised and even worse, delays in initiating services can occur.  If your business needs assistance, please contact us. We are more than happy to help you achieve your business goals.